We are in desperate need of volunteers from each town/city in Maine to collect signatures!!!

We believe that it is time for change within the Maine Department of Corrections. We go into this initiative knowing that there are alot of people in society who automatically become defensive and say the prisoners are where they belong; people become unwilling to even listen to the proposal because they remain focused on the early release part, never taking the time to acknowledge that the prisoner must complete the required tasks. They are set in their ways and have the mindset of lock them up and throw away the key, this mentality really does nothing with the correction part of the prisoner's sentence for success upon release, which increases the recidivism rate and becomes more money the state must spend on continued incarceration. It is necessary for all supporters who believe in PREP to educate our neighbors, friends, family and peers to turn this initiative into a bill for our Maine Department of Corrections.

The Positive Reentry Program


We are in need of people who are registered to vote and are willing to volunteer to collect signatures of REGISTERED voters in their city or town to reach the goal of 61,123 signatures. Once all signatures are collected, you must then get them verified and notorized before mailing them back to;

Maine CURE

PO Box 503 

Lewiston, Maine 04243

This task is extremely important to the success of getting this initiative on the 2018 ballot. 


Maine CURE has a mission to support men and women's success in reentry from prison by promoting alternatives to incarceration, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities. 

​This is done by believing in the individual's ability to change, building lives through service programs shaped by the needs and experiences of men and women, changing minds through the education and advocacy to promote the creation of a fair, humane and truly rehabilitating correctional system. 

​The Positive Reentry Program would consist of  different  options for the prisoner to complete their sentence once they have served a specific amount confined within the M.D.O.C. and have met the set criteria to advance to the next level of this unique program.

As it is written, The Positive Reentry Program is designed to give individuals who are incarcerated the opportunity to be properly rehabilitated using structured programs and educational/vocational programs.

The Positive Reentry Program will afford every prisoner the ability to be an individual and to work on their individual needs

​that have been identified as part of their Individual Service Plan (ISP) for success with a smooth reintegration back into our communities which we believe will greatly reduce the recidivism rates. To remain in the reentry program each participant must remain compliant to their goal plan, be committed to hard work and dedication.

Please join Me CURE today to help make a change in the Maine Department of Corrections.

​​​​​​​ Facts About Positive Reentry:

  • Positive Reentry would ensure public safety

(Public safety is the greatest concern when considering reentry)

  • Positive Reentry would save tax dollars
  • Positive Reentry would reduce recidivism
  • Positive Reentry will help better prepare prisoners for reintegration back into society

Support Positive Reentry

Representatives of Maine CURE and the Positive Re- entry Coordinator will soon be circulating the Citizen's Initiative Petition. Contact us for more information;​

Maine CURE

PO Box 503

Lewiston, Maine 04243

​(508) 534-8627